Gout Wikipedia: Learning about the Most Common Myths Regarding Gout

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Thanks to advancements in medical technology, there are a lot of medical myths which persist up to now that are effectively busted. Take the complex form of arthritis gout as an example. When you have gout, you would basically have to suffer from sever attacks of pain, tenderness or redness in the joints, and sometimes being woken up in the middle of the night like your toes or other joints are on fire.

Fortunately, gout is a perfectly manageable disease. You just need to make a few lifestyle changes and learn how to manage the joint pain attacks when they do occur. But what if there are some people who act like they’re gout Wikipedia, and insist that you have to believe a certain “fact” about gout?

For this, we have put together a gout Wikipedia of some of the most common myths about gout that persist up to now. Read on to find out which facts you have to believe, and which ones you should pass up on:
Gout is a curable medical condition.
Instead of gout being a curable condition, it is a manageable medical condition. Keep in mind that 90% of gout cases are genetic in nature – and the other portion is caused by the crystallization of urate crystals in the joints. If your gout is caused by genetics, it cannot be cured but can be managed instead.

There are natural or herbal treatments which you should choose over prescription gout medication.
Some of the supposed miracle herbal treatments for gout include Colchicine which is made from the bulb of the flower autumn crocus. This is actually a highly toxic substance which, instead of curing gout, can possibly worsen the situation.

You have no other option but to wait out a gout attack.
Although gout medications do help manage joint pain attacks, they do not necessarily work immediately. When a doctor prescribes gout medication to you, it works by lowering your uric acid level – which can take anywhere from six to twelve months.

At the end of the day, the moral of the story is that when dealing with a medical condition like gout, you need to have firsthand information which came from a medical professional. Do not immediately believe the myths that you hear about gout, no matter how many years they have been passed around.

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